Blugold spring fashion

Now that the campus mall is free of any kind of tree coverage, it’s a lot easier to people watch when walking to and from classes.  As we jump into spring, hemlines are rising and coats are being shed, revealing a group of truly fashionable Blugolds. Study these outfits and be inspired to break out of your bland winter duds and into fun-filled spring fashion.


 Dexter Nelson, junior  This classic outfit is casual, sophisticated and a perfect option for spring.

A navy blazer paired with a patterned shirt and bold pants creates a simple outfit that is casual for campus, but also translates well into settings like interviews or dinner dates.

If this look seems too formal for you, try a v-neck striped or patterned shirt, bold pants and boat shoes.  This will help you seem more put-together, but not make it look like you spent too much time in your closet. Take inspiration from Nelson and try something new — whether it be a bright color or a different cut of jeans.





Cat Jacoby, freshman 

Jacoby’s choice of outfit is executed well and follows some fresh trends, while still showcasing personal style.

Maxi skirts like this one makes her body appear long and lean. Her waist is clearly defined with the belted cardigan, another great choice to help show off your shape.

Fun metallic accessories add interest to any outfit, which Jacoby does well. The turquoise sandals are perfect for a sunny day on campus and the silver bracelet adds just enough bling. Both accessories will surely catch the eye of any fashion enthusiast.






Catie Griffiths, junior

This is a prime example of how you can mix more edgy fabrics with feminine patterns to create a truly unique look.

A leather bomber jacket paired with florals creates an unexpected yet coordinated juxtaposition. The green cardigan goes well with the floral dress and is a softer layer under the structured jacket.

Choosing flats is a great choice when wearing a busy top.  Although mixing patterns like florals was in numerous Spring 2012 collections, choosing one piece as the main focus of your outfit is a better choice than having an overly busy outfit.






Andrea Fisher, freshman 

Fischer first caught my attention with her bright bomber jacket. Wearing a lightweight jacket is both fashionable and functional for whatever the unpredictable weather throws at you.

Pairing multiple bright colors is a surefire way to stand out on campus and puts you right on trend this year.

A bold colored v-neck t-shirt paired with dark skinny jeans is my go-to outfit of choice. It is a great option if you are looking for something simple and comfortable to wear to classes.

“I think that [campus] is a place where everyone can dress however they feel comfortable,” Fischer said.



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