No ground? No problem

Growing season is soon upon us, and though the city of Eau Claire has plenty of green space, many college students, including me, find themselves with a distinct lack of growing space. But if you’re stuck on cultivating that green thumb, there is a way to build a garden without tearing up a lawn: container […]

Your art on your sleeve

Each of the five colors represents a story, an experience, a life-changing event. The messages vary in emotions, but are centered around one common theme. The Clothesline Project was started in Massachusetts during the summer of 1990, with a goal to consciously develop a program to educate, break the silence and bear witness to one […]

Let’s get physical

Group fitness classes If you’re looking for a social, group-oriented workout, University Recreation and Sport Facilities offer free group exercise classes during the week.  With everything from yoga to water aerobics to kickboxing, as well as cycling, there is a class for everyone. Brittany Matti began teaching URSF classes in June 2011. She said group […]

Tuesday’s special: Spicing up college standards


College students are notorious for eating unhealthy and quick meals. I revamped some typical boring meals that are still fast to make but are tastier and more nutritious. I am a huge fan of Ramen noodles, as I’m sure some of you are, too. And the four packs for $1 is a great deal! But […]

Blugold spring fashion

Now that the campus mall is free of any kind of tree coverage, it’s a lot easier to people watch when walking to and from classes.  As we jump into spring, hemlines are rising and coats are being shed, revealing a group of truly fashionable Blugolds. Study these outfits and be inspired to break out […]

From a dancer’s perspective

Not many people are aware that our university has a competitive dance team and Concert Dance Company. So once I heard that CDC was performing their annual Danceworks show, I was excited to attend and feel like a part of the dance world again. CDC performed “Danceworks 2012: Convergence” March 29-31 in Kjer Theatre. It […]

Jury it up!

On Tuesday, the Foster Gallery was a mess. With paintings and prints propped against the white-painted walls, sculptures on pedestals, huge wooden installation pieces not yet standing and nothing labelled, Gallery Director Tom Wagener had his work cut out for him. “We have an idea of how works go in a typical show where you […]

Elements of success

UW-Eau Claire all-student a cappella group Fifth Element recently took second place in a national competition to open for singer Andy Grammer.  The group lost to Six Appeal, a  professional a cappella group from Minnesota. A member of Fifth Element for two years, junior AJ Vanden Heuvel said the group didn’t expect to advance as […]

Whatever happened to Matt Christopher?

Matt Christopher

When I was a kid, nothing made me happier than when my mom would pick me up from school and stop at the library on the way home. This meant only one thing to me: that I could stock up on more Matt Christopher books. Okay, I know what you’re thinking: ‘Who is this book-loving […]

Relationships abound in dance production

Ally Frosch said many pieces of dance choreography made on campus in the past year could be related to relationships. Frosch, a senior psychology major and a member of the upcoming program Danceworks, also explained how the connection can be made from relationships to this year’s Danceworks theme, “Convergence.” “We think about what the general […]